Meet the Team

At Carrie's Dog Day Care each member of our team is passionate about working with dogs, led by Carrie Evans, a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, Carrie’s love for working with animals is obvious to anyone who meets her.

Carrie Evans

Carrie has over 30 years experience with companion animals; throughout her career she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience; Guide Dogs for the Blind Association trainer, Animal Nurse and Dogs Trust Animal Welfare Advisor.

Carrie has been a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors for over 15 years, seeing owners who are experiencing problems with their dog at the purposed designed Behaviour and Training Centre in Stockton.

Carrie also runs highly successful puppy socialisation and pet dog training classes. Since opening Carrie's Dog Day Care (formally Cleveland Canine’s Crèche) in 2008, Carrie is a Clinical Animal Behaviourist (Animal Behaviour & Training Council) and holds a Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour & Training and NVQ Level 5 in Management and Leadership.

She is not only passionate about providing puppies and pet dogs (and their owners) with a unique, professional day care service but the development of her day care team.

Vicky - Day Care Manager

I graduated University with a second class honours degree in Psychology in the Summer of 2017. During my degree, I expressed my passion by completing my own piece of research on the effects of therapy dogs on student stress levels. As I believe everyone is less stressed with a little pooch in their lives. For my research, I required the aid of a therapy dog, and through family and friends I was able to meet Carrie and her dog, Fuzzy. Fuzzy was able to calm my participants down by simply being present in the room. The study found as little as 12 minutes with a dog is enough to reduce stress levels and I am very fortunate in that I get to spend hours with dogs every day. After meeting Carrie and visiting the day care, I volunteered for a few months before being offered a position.

During my studies I funded my degree by working in a fast food restaurant, throughout this time I saved up to purchase my very first house with my partner. I was then able to fill it with all the things I am passionate about, including animals. I have been passionate about animals my entire life and volunteered at a local riding school when I was younger before having my own horse. After I had settled into my home, It was time to introduce some new family members. I am now owned by Leia, the Sprocker Spaniel who is the most recent addition to the family as well as Koda and Lyra, the cats. My position here at Carrie’s Dog Day Care combines my passion and enables me to learn from one of the best clinical animal behaviourists and I am thoroughly excited for what the future holds.

Rebecca - Team Leader

Rebecca graduated from Teesside University in November 2014 with a degree in Sports Therapy but had always been passionate about working with animals, particularly dogs. She has had various pets but currently owns Izzy, a 5 year old Labrador.

Rebecca enjoys training Izzy and has taught her a range of tricks including, hide your eyes, spin, bow and weave to name but a few. Rebecca and Izzy regularly volunteer with the charity Pets as Therapy where they visit a nursing home and a specialist school.

In her spare time Rebecca competes and teaches Karate having obtained her black belt. She lives in Redcar with her husband, Mathew.

Courtney - Team Leader

My name is Courtney and I have always had a passion for animals. I gained a degree in fine art, from Teesside University which I enjoyed completing but decided to follow my passion for animals. In September 2017, I joined the team here at Carrie’s Dog Day Care starting a new exciting journey. I quickly settled into my role and was soon given the opportunity to become a team leader, taking responsibility for ensuring the high standards of cleaning are adhered to by all team members. Since joining the team I have been able to put my artistic talent to use helping to decorate the centre for events, Halloween and Christmas being my favourite and making several 3D images for Birthday Paw-ties, our Spa Salon and more.

Within our family we have dogs, cats, snakes, a gecko, a chameleon and fish. I love that my job enables me to play with and look after your dog and their canine pals. In my spare time I like watching movies, baking cakes and spending time with family.

Megan - Day Care Assistant

Megan first came to Carrie’s Dog Day Care in October 2017 as her college placement whilst studying Animal Management at Askham Bryan College. Even when Megan had completed her college placement it was evident that she was passionate and committed. Throughout this time, Megan became an integral part of the team and her personality blossomed within the business. When a vacancy arrived in September 2018, she was offered a permanent position.

Megan lives with her mum and dad at home and they share their lives with two dogs, Goldie, a golden Labrador and Raine, a Border Collie.

Gina - Day Care Assistant & Spa Stylist

Gina completed a Level 3 Animal Management course at Askham Bryan, during this time she volunteered at two different grooming salons as part of her work experience. After completing the course, Gina continued to volunteer as she thoroughly enjoyed working with dogs. In September 2018, Gina began volunteering here at Carrie’s Dog Day Care on a regular basis. When a permanent position arose in October 2018, Gina applied for the position and was offered a role as Day Care Assistant and Spa Stylist.

Bethan - Day Care Assistant & Spa Stylist

Bethan completed a Level 3 Animal Management course at Houghall College, during this time she volunteered at a kennel and cattery for 2 years. Whilst volunteering, Bethan had realised she would love to work with animals.
Bethan lives at home with her parents and Stitch, their Jack Russel and 7 tropical fish. Bethan also used to have two snakes, Pan and Ringo who now lives with her brother. In her spare time, Bethan enjoys making pet accessories such as bandanas, neck ties and doggy scarfs.


People love to help out at Day Care. Wether this be for experience or purely for their love of dogs. We have a team of volunteers to help make your dogs experience here a great one!